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Online Marketing Services Overview:
  • Online Marketing is the process of marketing a brand using the Internet. Whether your business is purely an online entity, a “clicks and mortar” hybrid or a traditional business taking its first tentative steps into the digital realm, our team of marketers will guide you in formulating the most appropriate Internet marketing strategy to fulfil your business objectives.
  • The most important element in any online marketing campaign is the website which usually acts as the focal point. Its job is to attract targeted visitors and to ensure that these visitors achieve the site’s primary goal. This goal could be a sale, enquiry, registration or subscription. Every website should have the achievement of this goal as a campaign’s foremost objective. Once your site is in shipshape condition and converting to the limit, we look at traffic generation tactics.

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  Our Internet Marketing Services:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

  • We all know of the awesome potential available online, but this potential will go unfulfilled if users simply cannot find your site. SEM is important to almost any online campaign. Comprised of balance between SEO and PPC tactics, SEM is an essential marketing tactic and arguably the biggest emerging marketing avenue established within the last decade.


  • SEO is the process of getting a website to achieve top rankings for its chosen key phrases on the search engines without paying for these rankings. With daily search volumes in the hundreds of millions, and searchers in “goal mode”, this is a tactic that cannot be ignored.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

  • Buying sponsored adverts on search engine results pages and content pages while only paying for those ads on a performance basis, i.e. when they are clicked on, has proven to be an exceptionally cost-effective online marketing strategy because you only pay when it works!

Online Advertising:

  • Its broad impact is unmatched and with a completely measurable ROI, the sales value can not be disregarded.

Affiliate Marketing:

  • Is like a combination of PPC and Online Advertising. In simple terms, it involves getting affiliated websites to display your adverts, with payment based only on performance (usually a commission on sales generated).

Email Marketing:

  • Allows you to build relationships with your target market as well as those who don’t convert. This way you can communicate with them over time rather than losing them all together.


  • Fundamental eMarketing, such as site development, SEO, emailing, PPC and WebPR effectively maintain your presence online. Our Conversion Optimisation service adds to and enhances these tactics through the process of traffic analysis and optimisation to turn more visitors into consumers.